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Turning Procurement into a Critical Business Driver

Cannabis Business Opportunities is the industries only specialized source for sourcing, procurement, contract and supply chain management. We provide support services, thought leadership, training and networking opportunities to executives, head of strategy, category managers, buyers, purchasing agents and contract administrators.

We are procurement pioneers gathering and analyzing hemp and marihuana market information, building up a network of contacts, conducting supplier background checks, obtaining references, negotiating and ensuring that suppliers deliver on time.

Purchasing the right resources at the right time, in the right quantity, and at the right price is our motto.  If the resources you procure are not fit for purpose then it can have devastating consequences on your whole supply chain. We use our expert cost-benefit analysis skills to maximize your procurement budgets and use the tendering process to drive down costs on the resources or services you are purchasing.

Many different suppliers might offer the same service or product. However, if they want to get the business opportunity, they must prove to be efficient and also competitive in terms of price.


The Journey Begins...

From where the raw materials are manufactured and ends when the customer pays for the product

A special thanks to Paul Haught, Sean Sparks, Ashlie Baker Helping Everyone Make Progress for these pictures.


Leo Fraraccio

Exceptional team and Business ethics!

Leo Fraraccio

Cannabis Business Opportunity

Nothing like all your procurement needs being met at the highest level in the country.

Thank you Canna Biz Opps

Gina Epps

Cannabis Business Opportunity

They are be informative, professional and knowledgeable to the entire community

Jamie L. Morton

Cannabis Business Opportunity

Very professional and knowledgeable about to distribution industry of cannabis

Rome Nottrippin Nesbitt

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